Block & File Data Migration Services

Migrating data can prove to be complex, risky, disruptive, expensive and generally makes most people very nervous if you do not not plan the migration well. Data migration can adversely impact application up-time and performance. However, migrating data with SymStor Migration Services for NAS and SAN we can help reduce the costs, complexity and risks involved in data migration.

We provide the services of skilled professionals who leverage time-tested technology and experience gained from many data migration projects to help enable a more streamlined migration of you data. We offer data migration services that allow you to move stored data without disrupting application availability and business operations.

Using a unified approach and tool set, we can help you migrate your data; irrespective of your storage environment.

Storage Migrations

  • Migrate critical metadata that works behind the scenes, including: files, folders, local users & groups, NTFS permissions, printers, shares, attributes, settings, ownership
  • Control the data migration process allowing the migration to work around the end user instead of the end user working around the data migration
  • Manage migrations with a “set it and forget it mentality,” while still accomplishing other IT tasks. Run migrations in multiple phases, schedule migrations, execute migrations
  • Report and manage data migration projects with a wide variety of reports, to ensure a job well done or catch a problem that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Reports include copied files, failed jobs, migration analyses, skipped files and easy-to-scan dashboards