Nuix for GDPR Compliance

We will discuss GDPR compliance requirements and how to begin automating unstructured data inventorying and data mapping processes to:

  • Identify what personal data they collect
  • Where it sits within the organization
  • How it flows within and outside the organization (i.e. third parties).
  • The webinar will help illustrate how using a tool like Nuix, organizations can begin both the initial effort to build data inventories and data maps, as well as enable real-time maintenance of these required documents for GDPR compliance.


Komprise Webinar

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” sponsored by Rubrik

The Empire Strikes Backup!

Join us for a look into what is disrupting the Dark Side, feel the force of Rubrik, and experience an exclusive viewing of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” on its premier night.

There is imbalance in the galaxy. The Evil Empire, for so long the dominant and unjust dictators of traditional data backup is stifling freedom of choice.

The monolithic hulk of the Imperial Backup Machine is blocking the path to progress. The Empire Machine Company of evil Stormtroopers intends to stand in the way of revolution.

But there is hope, flexibility and galactic scalability offered by the leader of the Rebel Alliance, Rubrik. The force is awakening. Resist the call of the legacy dark side and liberate yourself from backup tyranny. It’s time to choose your future; join the Rubrik Rebel Alliance or remain a hostage to the wishes of the Empire.

Return balance to the force by:

  • Liberating data from tyrannical datacentre platforms
  • Embracing the power of the cloud
  • Discovering a new path to modern architecture
  • Restoring freedom instantly, no matter where your data resides
  • Becoming immune from Ransomware (and Jedi mind tricks)

Blue Light Innovation

In its 5th year, the Blue Light Innovation Summit is the must-attend one day event which will bring together 300+ representatives from across the fire, police, ambulance emergency respondents, central and local government, and the tech community.

This year the conference will highlight best practices for driving transformation through making best use of emerging technologies, joining up infrastructure and collaborating effectively to improve service delivery and ultimately save more lives.

Due to the latest updates on the Police and Crime Bill 2017, this event will provide insights into the changing regulatory requirements and the most successful collaboration initiatives to date.